There are really all the ingredients to spend a magical evening. The great heat of these days that can only be mitigated by the sea breeze and the freshness of the sea water, the magic of a bath on the lights of a summer sunset, an aperitif and a dinner consumed on board one of our rafts and then the spectacle of fireworks seen from the sea.

The appointment is for next Wednesday, the 15th of August, when the port of Nervi will be dressed for the celebration of the Assumption. Around 23.00, as tradition, from the pier fireworks will be fired to the rhythm of music: a truly touching and exciting moment, that Ms Noleggio Gommoni Genoa will allow you to live like you’ve never done before, directly from the sea, without having to jostle to be able to see something or spend hours finding a parking space.

For this special evening, in fact, it is possible to book a boat (remember that it can accommodate six people) with an exit at 18 and return at 1 am to only 120 euros. In this time frame there is plenty of time to experience the emotions of a magical evening: a swim off, an aperitif or a dinner, then the fireworks seen from a privileged position. What are you waiting to book? Call 347 2364207 immediately